Sometimes, all you need is an idea to properly market your business or brand on the web. Here are 5 great contest ideas for market products online.


Promoting your business or brand online is crucial these days, especially if you want to attract attention and new potential buyers to purchase your products. The hardest part is coming up with an effective idea.

If you come up with a boring or something that is already seen, the customers won’t be interested in seeing or buying your products. You need to come up with something original, something that is unique and that will capture their attention.

Don’t embarrass your business, brand, and the products you offer. Don’t make rash decisions and take the time to plan and figure out a proper contest that will make the most sense for what you are trying to accomplish. Once you do that, get the right tools in place to organize the contest, promote your products, and ensure you get the most out of it.

Before we present you some great and effective contest ideas to market products online, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before you launch your contest.

  • A target goal – Before going into the contest, you need to determine a clear benchmark for success. Your goal might be something like 1000 new followers on Instagram, 10% more Facebook likes, 1000 new email subscribers, and etc. It is important to set the goals before the contest starts so you can create the contest around your goals.
  • Prize and winner selection process – It is important to outline what the actual price will be before the contest starts. Gift cards, limited edition items or maybe a large selection of products. Once you will determine the final price, you should outline how the winner will be selected. If you want to select a completely random winner, websites like and Rafflecopter are going to help you.
  • Promoting a business – You need to think about how you will promote your contest, once everything is set up. Email and social media platforms will help you spread the word, but you should also think about how you can reach beyond the normal number. We highly recommend you to run Facebook ads, partner up with powerful influencers, and partner up with local businesses.

Here are 5 great contest ideas you can use to market products online:

  1. Photo caption contest ideas – The participants should create a funny caption for a certain photo you post and then you should choose your favorite. The photo will relate back to your products and that’s how you will keep the contest relevant.
  2. Essay contest ideas – Ask the participants to write an essay why they like your brand or your products. You will discover some great quotes and customer stories within these essays and you can use these stories to engage with your customers.
  3. Share your best tips contest – Allow the participants to share how they use your products. This is a great way for your people to learn tips and tricks about using your products, and it can create a dialogue with your brand on social media platforms.
  4. Share a photo contest – This photo-sharing contest motivates participants to share a photo as an entry to the contest. This could be a photo of their favorite product from your brand. The whole idea is to feature a product from your store.
  5. Name a new product  – Allow your audience get involved in naming your products by motivating them to name the new product you are launching. You can allow participants vote on the name they like the most.

Have fun!