Your cosmetic brand needs a great promotion plan to stay competitive and attractive. Here is how to promote or market products online from cosmetic or beauty industry!


Let’s face it – there are many established beauty and cosmetic brands in any market and a relatively new entrepreneur has to deal with a lot of rivals to survive and move towards the tough market conditions. Every cosmetic brand requires a great promotion plan to not only compete with your rivals but eventually become a leader in your niche. You have to fight and make a constant effort as there are no shortcuts to reach the success.

In the US, the cosmetic and beauty market had reached more than $50 billion and the biggest market share in the business was of 4 different segments – hair care products, skin care and lotions, fragrances and perfumes, and makeup. All of these segments are expected to grow which means that your small beauty or cosmetic brand has many opportunities. All you need is a proper promotion and to market products online.

In this article, we are going to present you a few tips that will help you market your cosmetic brand properly:

  • Start selling to medium-sized retail brands – Think twice whether or not you want to include the big players when planning to sell your beauty or cosmetic products. Your small business or brand may not be ready for the popular retailers. Some of these retailers want to purchase from companies that are selling to big stores only. Our advice to you is to start selling to medium-sized retail brands. If everything goes okay, you can make a progress. The interested retailers will ask you for a few samples, so make sure to prepare some.
  • Get in touch with distributors – Your brand volume will increase quickly if you can get some wholesale distributors interested in your products. A lot of retailers prefer to purchase their inventories from wholesalers and not from individual manufacturers or companies. If you can sell your cosmetic products to distributors, the volume of products you have sold will be much greater when compared to selling to one store only.
  • Have a unique logo – You should never underestimate the importance of having an interesting and unique logo. All the popular global brands have one thing in common and that is unique business logos and all of these brands are identified by their one-of-a-kind business logos. When starting your beauty or cosmetic brand, make sure to create a memorable logo. Keep in mind that a logo design that stands out from the crowd is a visual treat for your target audience. Your business logo will speak about your brand identity, brand message, values, and your approach to conducting and managing your business. The logo will be present everywhere in your marketing and advertisements plans, meaning if you have a unique logo, your potential buyers will be able to identify your business easily and quickly.
  • Request professionals to review your products – A great way to promote your beauty of cosmetic brand is to ask an expert or a professional in the niche to review the products you sell. A lot of professionals and gurus have their own online blog or YouTube channel and they have a lot of viewers and subscribers. Ask them to include your new beauty products on their list of brand or product reviews. If you can make a deal, then your product would get a reach the huge database of followers they have.

Don’t forget about the additional marketing material such as a website, business cards, and flyers and make sure to make a good first impression on the potential buyers. Good luck!


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